Lemon Bars, Music, and Accents.

Whelp.  A lot of the guys on online dating are banding together to start a search party for me.

LOST: Looking for the girl who agreed to multiple dates with multiple men.

Multiple men. Multiple dates.

That was the purpose of online dating, right?  To go on dates and meet guys and hope for some kind of connection.  Maybe meet the one.

The one.

I did go on a date.

And now.

I don’t want to go on anymore.

I don’t want to talk to anymore guys.

I just want to go on dates with one guy.

I just want to talk to one guy.


I knew he was trouble.

Kindness.  That was my first impression of him.  Warm. That was my second.

And he made me squirm with his compliments on how beautiful I was.  All I could think was… is he serious? He actually thinks I’m beautiful?  And the more he said it, the more I believed him.

He made me dinner. And I talked. He talked. We laughed. We smiled.

He played the piano for me.  I could have listened for hours. I wanted to.

He teased my accent which I didn’t even know I had one.  I thought you betcha and dontcha know were a part of everyone’s vocabulary.

I tried to make lemon bars in his kitchen.  I was so involved in talking to him that the lemon bars became more like mush bars… because I didn’t bake them. I was supposed to.  And then we set the pan on the stove and found, after we caught a whiff of something burning, that the stove was on.  The crust of the lemon bars was completely burnt.  Therefore with burnt crust and mushy filling, the lemon bars were deemed inedible.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if any other guy would have been done with me at that point.  Isn’t food the key to a guy’s heart?

But it’s different with him.

I don’t want to sound young and naive.  I hate even admitting these things.  But there’s something there and I’m curious to find out what.

This blog may be over before it even started.  Or maybe it’s just beginning.

Then again, I’m just a fish trying to climb a tree… so what do I know.



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